More Londonist Posts: Tracking the Tube

I’ve done two more posts for Londonist, which has been lots of fun so far. I’m working on sounding more British and trying to remember my extraneous U’s and such. It’s a work in progress.

The two posts are both about the tube, though quite different. Today I wrote about a man who scammed the London Underground out of £5,000 in “Tube Scammer Complains His Way To Conviction.” I also learned that you can get a refund if you’re delayed more than 15 minutes on your journey, which is always good to know. And yesterday, I wrote about underground improvement works in “Sick of Taking the Stairs?” Apparently more stations will be getting stair-free access. That would have been amazing on my first two days here where I lugged my 70-pound bag up and down way too many flights of stairs. At least people pitied me and helped out on occasion.

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  1. Andrea Olson says:

    Love your blog Francine!! I forgot you had one, and came across it on Facebook-I’m going to France this summer on a fine arts trip(with the highschool I work for), and debating doing a blog. Hope your day is going well! Andrea

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