Coffee, Church and Counseling?

St. James Piccadilly Wailing Woman StatueI often walk by St. James Piccadilly church and have even wandered through its touristy market out front once, but I always wanted to go draw one of the statues there outside the Nero coffee shop (which is basically in the church), so I stopped there again late last week. I grabbed a baguette and a latte, both quite good, and sat down on a park bench in the courtyard by the green drop-in counseling trailer (I know, bizarre). I couldn’t see the statue there, so I moved to a table to get a better look and had a leisurely draw until some guy sat right in between me and the statue, partially obscuring my view. He was leaning over reading a newspaper most of the time, though, so I ended up being able to see pretty well. I think the drawing and everything turned out pretty well, too. St. James Piccadilly

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