The Lactose-Free Milk Hunt Is Over

LactofreeAfter spending the past month scouring the dairy section of every Tesco and Sainsbury I’ve come across, in addition to many other independent markets, my quest for lactose-free milk is finally over. They carry it at a Waitrose not too far from our place. Lovely supermarket, too.

I still can’t believe lactose-free milk is so hard to find — we didn’t have any trouble in Budapest, and most smaller markets here even carry goat’s milk. I guess the product hasn’t caught on.

When we first got here, I picked up an InStyle magazine, and there was a multipage advertorial for Lactofree, apparently the big lactose free milk product here, so I went onto their website looking to find out where I could buy the product. It had Sainsbury and Tesco along with some other markets I’d never heard of on their client list, but every time I went into one of the stores, I came out empty-handed. After a few emails with a Lactofree rep, though, I found out that the milk is only carried in their full supermarkets, which don’t even exist in Central London.

Anyway, all is well with the world again. We don’t have to eat our cereal with soy milk anymore. Unless we want to, of course.

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  1. Pablo says:

    Where to get lactose free milk around europe:

    France: Casino Geant supermarkets (big ones); brand = Valio. Also do cheese, butter and yogurt.

    Spain: Macedona and Haley Supermarkets; brand = Kaiku. Also do cheeses and yogurt.

    The Netherlands; Albert Hein Supermarket (all sizes), brand unknown. Europlaza supermarket does yogurt and milk and cheese (brand unknown).

    Germany, sweden, finland does lots of brands in every supermarket.

    I hope that helps people!

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