I Missed Pancake Day!

img_2282_blog.jpgI was a little late to the game realizing that yesterday was pancake day, apparently the much tamer, more British version of Mardi Gras, which involves gorging yourself on pancakes for the day. Well, I didn’t go out yesterday. I was working on an article, and I was focused. But I started seeing pancakes everywhere — the BBC, Londonist, other websites I just happened upon, they all had these pictures of perfectly cooked, fruit-filled crepes. I considered trying my hand at making a dutch baby or some other exciting pancake recipe, but I never bought ingredients and it just didn’t happen. Evan made sure to have some pancakes at lunch. Good thing I don’t celebrate Lent — I can still have all the pancakes I want.

P.S. Remember that picture? Latkes in Budapest! Potato pancakes count, right?

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