Night at the Theatre: Avenue Q

Avenue QLast night, Evan and I went to see Avenue Q, and it was even better than I’d expected. We’d heard plenty of good things about it — namely that it’s funny, which it certainly is, and that it’s an adult version of Sesame Street, which is also spot on — but I didn’t really appreciate just how hard all those actors would be working with those puppets, especially when they started taking on double roles. Sometimes for puppets appearing on the stage simultaneously.

We thought it might be strange to see a show set in NYC in London — we wondered if the actors would all have British accents. And we were nearly fooled by all the actors into thinking they were American. There were a few accent glitches I caught, and I looked everyone up online after to find out that they’re pretty much all British.

We walked out of the theater with huge smiles, still giggling, and we kept recounting all the goofiness that happened onstage.

After, we went for dinner at Med Cafe and took the bus home. It was the first time either of us had ever been on a bus here. I can’t believe we didn’t even try to go upstairs!

3 Responses to “Night at the Theatre: Avenue Q”

  1. Evan says:

    Ha, only Tourists go to the second floor…

    Hm, I guess that means we have to go next time.

  2. Francine says:

    Even worse, Jess told me that only tourists ride the tube! Or rather, that only real Londoners ride the bus. Maybe we’re turning into real Londoners?

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