Veggie-Friendly London

suitable for vegetariansOne of my favorite things about London so far is the abundance of vegetarian food. And not just an obligatory veggie meal at a restaurant, but an array of options everywhere I go. From the sandwich selections at Pret a Manger and Benugo to the best veggie burger of my life (Evan went back and had one today for lunch) to the veggie-friendly labels on supermarket items, I feel completely spoiled.

Check out the label for some butter we bought. A nice green leaf assuring me it’s veggie-friendly (not that I was worried about butter, it was just one of the only packaged things labeled like that that I had handy for photographing). Anyway, I think it’s a great idea, and know that I read about some similar labeling simplification efforts in the U.S. and hope that they’ll be put into practice sometime soon.

Not all the food here is labeled like this yet — I think it’s a pretty new program and it has a ways to go before standardization — but I think it’s a great start.

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