Our Friendly Neighborhood Polish-Mexican Restaurant

From the first time I walked by L’Autre, I was intrigued. A Polish and Mexican Restaurant? With a French name? Things didn’t quite add up. But the more I walked by, the more I wanted to go in and try it for myself.

I was worried I wouldn’t find any vegetarian options, but was pleasantly surprised to find several — potato and cheese pierogi, vegetarian burritos, nachos, borscht, vegetable blinis — it was quite a selection. And thankfully they don’t try to take the Polish-Mexican concept in the fusion direction. There are two separate menu sections for each cuisine.

Evan and I started with borscht and nachos. The borscht was decidedly better — from what I gleaned from our waitress, the restaurant had a Mexican chef for many years to cater to customers from the Mexican embassy nearby, but the Mexican chef left and a Polish chef came in, still cooking the Mexican (or rather, Tex-Mex) specialties along with her own Polish ones. The borscht was sweet and hot and had small, mushroom-filled tortellinis in it. It also came with some cream and hearty bread.

The nachos seemed pretty prepackaged — I doubt we’ll find homemade tortilla chips and salsa in London — but we still ate the whole small plate.

The decor of the place also leaned heavily on the Polish side, with lots of photos of Greta Garbo, military hats and lots of bottles of wine in the small, dim main room. There were some sort of funny Mexican items, like a sombrero and a Speedy Gonzales figurine. We had a lot of fun just looking around the room and finding new oddities.

We stuck with Polish food for our main courses. Evan got kielbasa and I got vegetable blinis, which I enjoyed. Both portions were huge. We walked away stuffed, and we want to make sure to save room for dessert next time we go since there were plenty of chocolaty items we wanted to try.

4 Responses to “Our Friendly Neighborhood Polish-Mexican Restaurant”

  1. kathryn the grat says:

    Kielbasa burrito I’m in!!! Queso dupa! EWWWW

  2. kathryn the grat says:

    keilbasa taquitosss. queso dupa! ewwww

  3. Perry says:

    Outstanding place. The game dishes are wonderful, and Shepherd Market is a hidden gem. Also try Sofra and the Green King IPA at the King’s Arms.

  4. Francine says:

    I so miss living in London… we went to Sofra a few times, and the King’s Arms, too

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