Run in St. James Park: Wildlife Edition

birdsOn Wednesday, I went running in St. James Park and Green Park again. To switch things up from Monday’s run, I tried running around the lake in a counterclockwise direction. Clockwise definitely has better views, though this proved to be a much more interesting people-watching and wildlife-viewing run. What did I run across?

  • I ran by a man who had two ferrets on leashes, which is always pretty funny and not something I’d really seen other than in Along Came Polly. One was albino. He was letting people pet them.
  • I saw a woman holding food out on her hand and letting pigeons perch on her while having a bite to eat. A little gross, in my opinion.
  • There was a man with a pigeon on his shoulder — on his shoulder! right next to his face! — and he was keeping it content with treats. A lot gross, in my opinion.
  • Another man was feeding squirrels, but not by tossing food at them. Not even by bending down and letting them eat out of his hand. No, he was letting them jump up his leg and eat while hanging on there. I saw one leap up. The guy didn’t even flinch.
  • St. James lake also seems to have quite a few one-legged birds, which were a bit sad. Though I think they have a pretty cushy life with lots of food being thrown their way.
  • And there were pelicans, which I’ve of course seen before, but are neat and big, and I didn’t see any when I went running on Monday, though there were signs saying not to feed them.

Do these sound like sketch ideas? Probably! Or maybe next time I’ll take a camera or at least my cell phone on my run, though I do like keeping things light. Time for a cell phone mp3 player? They’re selling iPhones here now…

2 Responses to “Run in St. James Park: Wildlife Edition”

  1. michie says:

    You think the pigeon on the shoulder is grosser than the pigeon’s eating while the lady is eating?

  2. Francine says:

    I don’t think she was eating while the pigeons were eating, though that would really have taken the gross factor to a whole new level. I meant that she was just letting the birds linger on her while they were snacking. Oh, and she was also holding her arm straight out and had the food in the palm of her hand, so at least there was no facial proximity issue! Still, who wants to touch pigeons?

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