Alternate Reality UK TV

I forgot how weird European reality TV can be. I’ve read about it before, but I’ve never really watched any of it before last week, and so far, a few shows are standing out as the strangest.

Fast Food Junkies Go Native: This show takes some fast food loving Brits and sends them to Pakistan to live in the mountains and get weaned off fast food and get a new appreciation for what’s out there. While it’s pretty extreme — did they really have to go to rural Pakistan? — it seems to make for an interesting cultural experience and a real change to the participants’ daily lifestyles. I haven’t seen a whole episode of it, but what I did see was like The Biggest Loser meets Wife Swap with a developing-nation twist.

Baby Borrowers on Holiday: Another show I haven’t watched in its entirety, but it seems to be about a childless couple on vacation who have to take care of someone’s infant for a few days. It seemed to scare quite a few people out of parenthood — or at least encourage them to wait — but who are the people lending out their babies for the show?

Sex… With Mum and Dad: I didn’t see the beginning of this show, but I did watch what I saw through to the end. The show followed two teens who had some issues — the episode I saw was about a girl who had 30+ one night stands over the past year or two and a guy who was a ladies’ man and generally disrespectful to women. The psychologist guiding the show wants the teens to be able to talk to their parents openly about sex and puts them through all sorts of uncomfortable paces like talking to groups of strangers about what turns them on, going to the doctor and learning about STDs and of course engaging in teary conversations with their parents. I couldn’t wipe the shock off my face until well after the show ended.

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