A Run in Hyde Park

Yesterday, I decided to explore nearby Hyde Park by taking a run. I was already feeling pumped up by my workout the day before at Fitness First (I’m looking to maybe join a gym here, so any tips on that would be appreciated), and I laced up my running shoes once again to check out the famous green space.

I started at Hyde Park Corner and checked out the monuments and the arch in the open area there. Then I crossed into the actual park and ran by one of the smaller gardens and a few statues then ran up the bank of the Serpentine, the lake in the park. There were plenty of pigeons, geese and even some swans, and there were lots of other people about taking Saturday walks and runs. Nobody had their dog on a leash, yet they were all surprisingly well behaved, even if I couldn’t always tell who their owners were.

As I got toward the bridge that crosses the Serpentine, I didn’t feel like heading back over just yet, so first I turned to my left and explored the Princess Diana Memorial Fountain, which was quite a nice, interactive kind of memorial. It’s a large concrete ring built on a slight hill, so the water spills down both sides and meets at the bottom. The water goes through various stages, obstacles and textures. In some points, it’s deep and still. In others, it moves quickly over bumps, splashing about. In yet others, it’s quick and smooth or bubbly, or the stream gets quite narrow or wide. The memorial was full of families dipping their hands in, children running along the edges and people like me observing as they were walking or jogging by. This was my favorite feature in the park.

I went on to jog around the entirety of the lake — the far end was much quieter and had a series of fountains, which were nice but pretty standard. And I jogged away from the Serpentine and on more open grassy land on my way back. There also seemed to be a number of private cottaged built in the park, which were very charming and inviting looking, and made me curious as to what’s inside.

I finished my run very close to where I started, by a large statue of the Duke of Wellington, and crossed Park Lane underground to head home.

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