First Impressions: London Food

So far, I haven’t had all that much to write about since I’ve been spending a lot of time trying to adjust to the time difference, unpack and start feeling settled. I have, of course, staked out my local grocery stores — there’s a Marks and Spencer nearby as well as a Sainsbury’s and a small Tesco. There are also a few mini markets.

The food selection here is absolutely amazing. Especially compared with Budapest. The options, the availability of fresh everything and the streets lined with restaurants and cafes are very exciting. And there are a ton of gourmet chocolate places — we already bought a box from one.

Saturday, we met a friend of a friend for lunch at Waterloo Brasserie, which was very nice. The restaurant was modern and warm, with lots of deep red paint and dark wood. There was a fireplace with couches and a bar with hanging clear glass ornaments above it, and our tall table was decorated with small vases of vibrant orange and pink two-tone roses.

I had a fig and cheese tartine and some delicious blackcurrant hibiscus tea and Evan had a two-course meal with lentil soup and duck. We split the hot chocolate fondant dessert, which came with salted caramel sorbet and was warm, gooey and a delicious end to our meal.

Sunday, Bernat and Peter got into town, so we all had dinner at Sofra, which was also good, though my vegetarian moussaka could have been a bit hotter (I suppose I am my mother’s daugher). The restaurant was nice and cozy, but we got there a bit late, so our meal felt rushed since they were trying to get us out of there quickly.

Monday I ran some errands, started unpacking, had a job interview (we’ll see how that turns out–I forgot how stressful interviewing can be), and we just ate some pasta and salad at home. Today, I nearly finished unpacking, figured out how to use our washing machine and just worked on some things from the apartment. I’m also making some soup. It’s simmering as I’m typing.

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