Statue Park

Budapest Statue Park

Sunday, Evan and I went to Statue Park, a short drive from Budapest, to see soviet-era statues that were moved from the city center to the countryside. Though the park was smaller than we expected and sort of strangely organized–we were under the impression that it was just a bunch of statues strewn about a field, though it’s actually a dozen or so statues organized in a sort of ringed garden–it made for an interesting afternoon outing, even on a cold and gloomy day. Also, most statues aren’t as big as the ones in the photos–those are the most striking ones.

One interesting statue that didn’t actually photograph very well (sorry) was Stalin’s boots. It used to be all of Stalin, but it was torn down from the knees up in a revolution.

Budapest Statue Park

I’ll link to the rest of the photos when Evan gets the gallery up on his site. OK, they’re up now. See them here.

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