Ice Skating in City Park

Though Sunday was gloomy, it didn’t stop us from spending almost the whole day outside. After Statue Park, we went to City Park to go ice skating. We did pretty well–no injuries, or even falls–and I even spun around a few times. And it was great to be skating outside by the park’s castle. I wish I could still ice skate like I did when I was a kid, though.

Ice skating in City Park Budapest

Ice skating in City Park Budapest

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After ice skating, we went to the small Christmas market in the park for more kurtos kalacs. It wasn’t quite as delicious as it was in Szentendre, but it was still good. And while we were getting our sugar fix, we realized that they were playing possibly less-than-appropriate Christmas songs for all the kids at the market–they were playing South Park’s “Christmas Time in Hell.” We guessed that they didn’t understand the lyrics. Check them out (from MetroLyrics):

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  1. Cata says:

    I went today to ice-skating. It was awesome even all my body hurts like hell.

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