New Article: Rocking the Boating World

My first freelance article is up on the site–I interviewed the three principals at NavQuest, an online marine mapping and trip planning site. The hardest part of the interview was keeping everyone straight–I was on the phone with Ken, Harry and Gaspare at the same time!

Rocking the Boating World
NavQuest is changing the way boaters plan their trips by making it as simple as point and click.

Boaters have long been jealous of online mapping tools that make it simple for drivers to get from point A to point B, especially Ken Litvack, a school supply manufacturer who started boating 12 years ago. Litvack found the trip planning process arduous and wanted his friend Harry Sangha, who ran a tech and outsourcing consulting company, to help him develop a better system.

Sangha, however, was busy with other projects and brushed him off. But when Litvack missed Sangha’s wedding in 2002 because his boat hit a rock off Long Island Sound due to an error planning the complex trip by hand, the business idea started looking more promising.

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