Saturday Night in Vienna

By Saturday night, we were pretty tired–it had been a full day of navigating through crowds and rushing from one sight to the next. Still, you’d be hard-pressed to not enjoy the gorgeous display of lights on the Innere Stadt’s main streets. There were even giant festive chandeliers on Graben Strasse.

Chandeliers on Graben Strasse, Vienna

We had some trouble finding a place to eat dinner because the city was extremely crowded and most places either didn’t have reservations left or didn’t have vegetarian options on their menu. But while searching for restaurants in our guidebook, we stumbled upon a small Italian restaurant that seemed welcoming. We got an excellent wine recommendation–I wish I could remember the name–and had to wait at the bar for a while before getting our table, but the food came out quickly, everything was hot and fresh and it ended up being a lot of fun.

We also got to test out our Italian and German to decipher the menu. I found a great veggie lasagna and Evan had a salami pizza.

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