Rathaus Christmas Market

Rathaus Christmas Market, Vienna

As the sun was setting over Vienna, we made our way over to the Rathaus, where we found the biggest Christmas market in the city. This is quite a distinction because at this time of year there are Christmas markets in every open, available space. And if the space is too small for a full market, there’s at least a “Punsch” stand.

As you can see from the photo, this place was packed! There were booths selling all sorts of Christmas ornaments, gifts and food. We indulged in a chocolate-covered waffle, which was pretty hard to eat standing up, and got two cups of punsch–hot, alcoholic fruit drinks–which we ended up mostly pouring out since neither flavor tasted very good. We were hoping for cider. Still, we did get souvenir mugs.

The Rathaus itself was also dolled up in Christmas finery, with themed, ornamented trees. And the buildings windows were turned into a giant advent calendar, with each day being presented, oddly enough, by a corporate sponsor.

I haven’t been in a place that crowded in a long time.

Rathaus Christmas Market, ViennaRathaus Christmas Market, Vienna

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