Vienna: Saint Stephen’s Church

Vienna: Saint Stephen’s Church

We arrived in Vienna after a three-hour train ride from Budapest and headed straight for the middle of the city–our hotel was in the Innere Stadt. Stop number one after dropping off our bags was Saint Stephen’s Church, a massive gothic church that’s even more striking and spooky looking because of its mostly charred exterior (there was a big fire there in 1945, I believe).

We went inside, and took a look around the dimly lit interior with its tall columns and vaulted ceilings. Apparently in the crypt, which we didn’t visit, are the organs of all the Hapsburgs (they liked to be dismembered when they died).

There was a huge line of people trying to get in and it was crowded inside, so we didn’t stay long. And since it was so dark, none of our indoor pics turned out great, but you can see all the pictures on Evan’s site in the Vienna gallery.

And one other note on taking the train over–I’ve never really traveled anywhere by train. I went from NYC to DC in the spring and slept most of the way, and I was just in a standard car that felt more like a bus than anything else. Anyway, on our trip, we got a whole little six-person compartment to ourselves. It felt like we were going to Hogwarts! Boy, am I a nerd or what? The first thing I thought of while sitting in a train compartment was Harry Potter…

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  1. Ronna says:

    Sounds like a great weekend, and lots of fun. You look wonderful. Love you. Mom

  2. Suzie says:


    Just read something interesting in Entertainment Weekly…

    Guillermo Del Torro is #37 in Entertainment Weekly Magazine’s “50 Smartest People in Hollywood” list

    It reads: “SMART BECAUSE: He elevated gothic horror to art. After adapting cult comic book Hellboy into a hit, he made the fantastical foreign-language political allegory Pan’s Labyrinth, which scored three Oscars. Bilingual, bicultural, multigenre, he has a voice that feels both fresh and ancient. NEXT: Hellboy 2: The Golden Army. NO OVERNIGHT SUCCESS: Worked as a makeup artist for nearly a decade before directing his first feature

    I saw it and I was like “hey I know him!” Which, obviously I don’t, but it was still pretty cool.

    k love ya!

  3. vivek says:

    hey!!! I liked your post, for a fact I have been in 2010 to Vienna too..I love the place. I had a chance to spend quite some time in St. Stephens Cathedral…beautiful, eerie…but mystic and a marvel of art and architecture.
    I went on the catacomb tour…it was great for a price of 5 euros. It is under the church i.e. a kind of cellar. Its huge with the caskets of the royal family and the organs of different kings or emperors as decided according to their wishes. They are put in huge copper containers.
    It was even used as a respite during the great plague in vienna!!!
    It was a splendid experience….Out of the world

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