A Puzzling Problem

At the Rathaus Christmas market in Vienna, Evan and I stopped by a puzzle booth. We played around with a few of the toys, and he asked the woman at the booth to give him something REALLY difficult. She sold him a three-piece wooden pyramid puzzle.

Well, I took it apart and put it back together twice by keeping the blocks all really close, and then when I took it apart and moved the blocks further away, trying to note where they all were, I couldn’t put them back together! So now we have a broken puzzle. I’m sure we’ll get it back together, but it’s quite frustrating to try to solve it–it only has three pieces. And I feel bad that I took it apart before Evan had a chance to play with it first.

If you’ve solved the three-piece Stewart Coffin pyramid, let us know.

Stewart Coffin 3-Piece Pyramid Puzzle

Update: Problem solved. That was quick.

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