First Attempt at Spaghetti Sauce

I really didn’t think when I started this blog that the most interesting thing I’d have to talk about would be food, but when I stay in working most of the day, it becomes quite a highlight. And it’s been fun to cook–I never did much cooking when I lived alone. I always felt like I had a good general aptitude for cooking, and thankfully I was right. Yesterday, I tried my hand at making pasta sauce for the first time ever, and I was surprised by how well it turned out.

I called my mom a few days ago to get her spaghetti sauce recipe and to see if it would work without meat in it. She said it was more in her head than anything else and suggested just sauteeing a bunch of vegetables in a pot then adding a few different kinds of tomatoes–canned, freshly diced, tomato paste, etc, then letting it simmer for a while and adding some herbs. I used mushrooms and onions and lots of tomato products, then spiced it up with garlic, basil and my mystery herbs, then added some spicy paprika to give it a kick, and it was great–chunky and saucy and went well with the penne I served it with. I also topped it off with some grated cheese (herbed gouda, I think), and some fresh basil.

It’s nice to have time to cook. And now we have more leftovers.

And a note on the fresh basil: When I bought the plant, it had two stalks and lots of leaves. Then it looked like the whole thing would die rather quickly. Now it seems that the larger stalk has killed the smaller stalk and it doing somewhat OK. Only a few leaves right now, but it’s all still green. Hopefully it lasts another few weeks.

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  1. Laura says:

    This is my favorite sauce recipe:,,FOOD_9936_33332,00.html

    Over time, I’ve made some adjustments–I throw in the whole can of tomato paste and adjust the seasonings, and use about three carrots, not just one. Oh, and I’m lazy and just use an Italian seasoning blend instead of fresh herbs, but it really is a yummy sauce if you like carrots.

  2. Francine says:

    That sounds really good! I’ll have to add it to the menu :) Thanks!

  3. Laura says:

    I forgot to mention you have to add a lot more pasta water if you use the whole can… but it’s just one of those sauces you can mess with until it tastes good. It definitely comes out thicker and pastier than a normal red sauce.

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