Hungarian Thanksgiving

Yesterday was, of course, Thanksgiving. I’m not the biggest Thanksgiving fan–I lived in Canada until I was 10, so I didn’t celebrate it until sometime after that and I’ve always felt pretty disconnected from the holiday. I never made hand turkeys, I don’t actually eat turkey or very much like many traditional Thanksgiving foods, and I never had to be in any silly, politically incorrect Thanksgiving plays.

Still, my family developed some nice traditions around it–namely, going to our friends’ house and having a nice dinner, avoiding Black Friday specials at just about all costs and having a relaxing weekend. I’ve been known to skip out on Thanksgiving some years–take it as an opportunity to go to snowboarding or get away a little–but this is the first year in a long time that I was in a foreign country for Thanksgiving.

I spent most of the day working on my website. I talked to my parents and sisters, who are all together in Mammoth for the weekend. Evan and I made a late dinner–salad, gnocchi with pesto, and peas. And we finished watching season 3 of The Office. We’ll have to find something new to watch now.

All in all, not a bad day. It was actually a pretty good one. It just didn’t feel like Thanksgiving.

So for my own personal celebration a day late, I watched my favorite Thanksgiving-themed movie moment–the Thanksgiving pageant in Addams Family Values. (Enjoy, Suze and Mich and everyone else who grew up with this awesome movie.)

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Also, strangely enough, of all the people Evan works with, the only one who went to a Thanksgiving dinner was a Hungarian.

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