Near Success: Only 1 Veggie Confiscated at Checkout

Last week, on a trip to the Match supermarket in the West End mall, I had a bit of a problem at the checkout–I didn’t realize I needed to weigh some of my vegetables and get a sticker before I tried to pay. Silly American–I thought they did that at checkout! Anyway, I had a cauliflower, a zucchini and a few other things confiscated because of it. Thankfully, the other vegetables I bought–broccoli, kohlrabi and avocados were fixed-price and not a problem to buy.

Today, I was determined to get it right–I tried to read the chalked signs and figure out if the price was by weight, which was surprisingly difficult in some cases. I checked the scale to see which fruit and vegetable pictures it displayed. I went back to the ones I wanted to buy to check the Hungarian names. I weighed my tomatoes and got a sticker. I didn’t even think about the cucumber! I’m just used to buying those plastic-wrapped English cucumbers at a fixed price. Stupid American again! Of course, I didn’t realize until it was too late, so I surrendered it to the check-out woman.

At least my track record is improving.

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