Dobos Torta is Delicious

Yesterday, Evan and I started off the day with brunch at Lukács Cukrászda–a famous bakery and coffee shop that shares its space with a bank. The food is on the expensive side, but their coffees and cakes are almost uniformly delicious. The meals, however, seem to be an afterthought.

The entrance is peculiar–you really do feel like you’re heading in to a bank instead of a coffee shop, but you’ll see a large pastry case to your right, and if you’re eating in, you’ll be directed up a short flight of stairs to an oversized and elegant white, cream and silver dining room with crystal chandeliers, marble-topped tables, large windows and mirrors and ample chairs and love seats.

The highlight of our meal yesterday was the dobos torta–a traditional Hungarian dessert I was essentially ordered to have before I came on this trip (Bryna was aghast that on my previous trips I hadn’t tried it). It had many layers of white cake and chocolate, and it was topped off with a triangle of cookie and caramelized sugar. I ate it with a very foamy and hear-topped cappuccino. Yum!

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  1. Bunmi says:

    Yum! You know I love the food descriptions.

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