New Hitched Article: Spoiled Rotten

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Spoiled Rotten
Think your spouse has spoiled your children too much? Here’s how to get back on the same page and deprogram the brattiness.

“Dad, can I get this?” asks your little one, holding up a toy on what was supposed to be a quick trip to Target for toilet paper. You say no—she doesn’t need one more toy that she’ll forget about in two days and then have it clutter up her room. But she starts whining. And even worse, she says, “But Mom would get it for me.” Now, before you go into a blind rage—at both your spouse (assuming your child’s statement is true) and your child—or just give in and buy the item, think about how and why your child expects and even demands unnecessary items from you and why your spouse is so willing to give in. …go to Hitched to read more

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