Iced Tea and the Makeshift Funnel

We’ve been wanting to make some iced tea for quite a while now, since all the store-bought iced teas are sweetened, but we’ve had some limitations:

  1. The only tea we had in tea bags was chamomile–the others were loose leaf, but we had no strainer.
  2. We have no pitcher.
  3. Our fridge doesn’t have a shelf tall enough to hold a pitcher, even if we had one.
  4. We have no ice to make it in a glass (our freezer is miniscule–think smaller than a bread box).

Today, though, I thought, what about putting it in a water bottle? That would eliminate the pitcher and ice problems.

Here’s what happened:

  1. We boiled water in our electric kettle, but figured it would be too hot to put directly into the plastic water bottle, so we decided to steep the tea in a bowl (the kettle has an electric coil in it and we had nothing else as big, except for a pot).
  2. We used our loose leaf green tea, so after it was steeped we had to strain it through a colander into a pot–the only other thing in our kitchen big enough to hold it.
  3. We were stumped as to how to get it from the pot into the bottle because we had no funnel or anything with a spout to pour with. We tried a ladle, but we couldn’t get much in the bottle that way. We tried a glass and had more spillage problems. Then I thought, we can make a funnel with a bag! So we cut a hole in the bottom, stuffed it in the top of the bottle and ladled away. Check out the picture, below.

  Iced Tea and the Makeshift Funnel

Now it’s cooling in the fridge. Hopefully it was worth the effort. Ah, cooking in a small, understocked kitchen…

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  1. Michie says:

    I love your craftiness!

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