2 Dinners at Cafe Bouchon

This week, Evan and I went to Cafe Bouchon twice, with different groups of people. It’s one of my favorite restaurants in Budapest–the atmosphere is low-key, the waiters are friendly and helpful, and the food is always good. They even have a daily specials menu that truly changes every day.

I got the same main course on both visits–the mixed grilled cheese plate with vegetables and seeds, their only vegetarian entree. The first time I had it was during a visit in the summer, and from it’s name, it wasn’t what I expected it to be. The vegetables are tender and piled high in a hearty dark sauce. The seeds seem to be toasted sesame seeds. On top of it all are essentially slabs of grilled cheeses–crispy on the outside, warm and soft on the inside–and these seem to change with the nightly selection.

On our first trip to Bouchon this week, on Wednesday night, the dish had three different cheeses and the vegetables were very saucy. It was a lot of food, and I probably only ate about a third of what was served. Last night, however, the sauce was much lighter and had an Asian twist to it, with orange zest and peanuts (I was surprised to get peanuts–not that I personally have a problem with them, but there wouldn’t have been any warning to someone with an allergy). There was also much less cheese on top.

Wednesday, I also had some cream of celery soup with carrot chips and we finished dinner with some French chocolate cake. Last night, I started with a small salad that had some surprisingly hot peppers and we had a flambeed-at-the-table crepe Suzette for dessert–I’d definitely get that again.

Last night we got to eat in the upstairs dining room, which I’d never seen on my previous visits. There were about six tables up there and it felt quite private. Downstairs feels more like a cafe, with a deli counter, stand-alone tables and a wine area.

Just thinking about those dinners again is making me hungry. I’m sure we’ll be back again soon.

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