Past Outings: Szemlo-Hegy Cave

Szemlo-hegy cavesThe Szemlo-Hegy cave is one of the first places Evan and I went together in Budapest. Not too far from the city and set back slightly in the Buda Hills, it was a great escape from the July heat. We had a bit of trouble finding it, since the streets in the area seem to change names about every block, but after nearly giving up while walking up a hill in a residential neighborhood, we found it.

There are tours every hour, I believe, and our guide spoke English well. All the other people in our tour group were Hungarian, and there were only about eight of us. The caves had a clear, paved path through them, and the walls were covered in bumpy rock formations called “peastone.” There are areas with so much of these cauliflower-like formations, that they call it an underground flower garden.

The guide also pointed out a rock shaped like a heart–“for the ladies,” he said.

There are also areas of the cave that are quite wet, with a lot of water seeping through the limestone, and toward the end of the tour, they play music to demonstrate the cave’s acoustics.

Also nearby is a fantastic little bakery called Daubner Cukraszda–it’s inexpensive, has a huge selection of cakes cookies and ice cream, and from what I can tell, it’s always packed.

Szemlo-hegy caveSzemlo-hegy caveSzemlo-hegy caves

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