Dinner at Trattoria Toscana

Last night, Evan and I went out for a nice dinner at Trattoria Toscana, a new restaurant for both of us. It was rainy and cold, though we found what we thought was a pretty good parking spot about a block away (we got a ticket, though we’re still not sure why).

The restaurant was crowded with what mostly seemed like tourists, but it had a lively energy and cozy feel, and the dishes that were coming out to the tables all looked delicious. There were large windows looking out on the dark Danube, and people were warming up from the chilly night with oversized glasses of chianti.

We were seated just a few minutes after arriving at a brown butcher-paper covered table next to a country-cute brick wall, and as we started reading the wide menu, we were faced with some tough choices–there were lots of tasty looking dishes. We started on the two baskets of bread–one thin and crispy, the other crusty yet light on the inside. I ordered a glass of san giovese, Evan didn’t have wine since he was driving and the legal BAC for driving in Hungary is essentially zero, and we got a very campfire tasting grilled/fried cheese dish to start.

We followed that up with some mushroom and sausage risotto for Evan and pumpkin tortellacci in a sweet butter and sage sauce for me. Very fall/winter and delicious. I even had a sausage-free bite of the risotto. Then we finished up with some lemon meringue pie, which we thought would be lemon cake–not everything translates perfectly, but at least there was an English menu and the pie was good.

Other than the mysterious parking ticket, a good dinner.

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