New Hitched Article: Get Ready for Winter

My latest Hitched article seems absolutely apropos this week–it’s really starting to feel like winter in Hungary. It snowed yesterday (I meant to take photos, sorry), and it’s definitely getting colder–and my article is all about the things you can do to get ready for winter that might not be top-of-mind.

Get Ready for Winter
Are you ready for the cold season? Take a look at these quick tips to expertly weather the winter.

Even if you don’t get snow, you still have to deal with some winter issues. From flu and colds to increased heating costs to just wanting to cozy up by a fire; are you ready for the months ahead? We gathered some tips you may not have thought of to save energy and money and keep your family and pets safe this winter. …go to Hitched to read more

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  1. Michie says:

    yay energy saving!!

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