Random Things in My Apartment: Spike

Spike the dog-plant


There are some interesting things in this apartment, most of which I brought, but still interesting. This is Spike, the dog that’s supposed to grow grass from his head. I got it as a going away present from Kacie (thanks!). I just started watering it on Wednesday and when I pulled it out of my suitcase, it seemed a little worse for traveling–the top had come off his box and there was a bunch of dirt in my suitcase that had been squeezed out of his head. We’ll see if he grows any hair. I’ll keep you posted.

Oh, and sorry that I need to hold everything in front of my computer to take a photo of it. Hopefully I’ll have some batteries charged up for my real camera tomorrow.

3 Responses to “Random Things in My Apartment: Spike”

  1. Lena West says:

    Spike is cute. Sorry he was headless in transit.

  2. Le Kang says:

    Aww Spikeroo,

    Sorry bout the dirt. Hope he grows some! Not missing much in the CA! Hope yer having fun! Say hi to Evan!

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