Match Supermarket Madness

I’ve been to two different match supermarkets in the past two days (I know, so European to go to the market every day), and right now they’re offering spin-the-wheel promotion for different prizes.

Sounds like fun, right? I was all pumped to go try my hand at the wheel o’ fortune yesterday, since they gave me a card for a purchase that probably totaled less than $5, but I couldn’t get near the thing! People were lined up, scanning multiple cards and focused like they were playing Vegas slots. Today, when I went to an even bigger Match, there was an even longer line! I thought, there must be something to this. This marketing is doing wonders to keep people in the store. What could they possibly be giving away?

From the looks of this card, they’re giving away a bag, a mug, a notepad and an umbrella. Um, I’ll pass. Though I could have used that bag today–I forgot to bring one with me and they don’t just give them away. No idea what that big yellow bubble on the card says–probably the grand prize. I hope it’s free groceries for a year, though I have no way to tell right now. Anyone care to translate? I tried to at least find some semblance of a translation online, but the Hungarian-to-English programs don’t seem to work very well.

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